For Chicken Lovers ONLY

2519 E Highland Dr., Seattle, WA 98112

Setting aside the chicken obsession, the quality of the photos in this particular set is actually quite nice.

2519 E Highland Dr., Seattle, WA 98112

The listing description is pretty funny though:

Quintessential jewel box cottage in bucolic arboreal setting, saturated w/ light & outcharming the competition by a mile. Fulfill all of your Martha fantasies: … All organic vegetable garden awaits spring planting + flowers galore in this prof landscaped oversized lot. And did I mention the chickens??

I’m not sure how this home will help me fulfill my Martha fantasies… never mind.

2519 E Highland Dr., Seattle, WA 98112

Sold in April for $785,000.

If that seems like a lot of money for a 3-bed, 1.75-bath house on a 6,000 square foot lot, just remember… chickens!

Found by: Jim L.

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3 Comments on "For Chicken Lovers ONLY"

  1. It actually seems to be a cute little home, rather well laid out. I could do chickens, but not at that price. We get fresh eggs from our neighbor on occasion since our old coop out back has long been empty.

  2. Seems like a kinda boring place…except for the chickens, of course!

  3. Emerald63 | June 16, 2014 at 3:08 PM |

    What a lovely home! Clean lines, not anywhere close to overdecorated inside, nice Asian art collection, bright and airy. The uniform color scheme is nice as a backdrop to tie the spaces together, though I’d love to see more color variation in furniture/decoration in the various rooms. While the yard is full of gorgeous colors, it does seem a bit over-landscaped in the front. The yard is small, so throwing too much into the mix is a bit overwhelming.

    Although I do like the enormous windows, I’m wondering how much traffic the adjacent street gets. It runs alongside the western edge of an arboretum/trail park/golf course that’s about a mile long north-to-south, though there don’t seem to be any entrances along the western side, so perhaps not so much traffic. Sadly, though, there seems to be no view to the east (out the front windows onto that street) due to foliage. The park seems to be in a valley and views to the east from 1-2 blocks to the west (uphill) afford gorgeous scenery of the peninsula and on east to the mountains.

    I suppose it’s the location – in Seattle proper – that is behind the outrageous price? I could (reluctantly) believe half that much considering the city, but 3/4 of a million? Um, no. Not even if the chickens convey.


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