Do the crossbows convey?

Text by Emerald63

Medieval keep or scientific playground? You decide…

It has church-like stained glass:

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

…a 2 story display gallery for your crossbow collection…

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

…and a fully equipped alchemy lab.

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

But it also has its own observatory… guarded by gargoyles:

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

…as well as an office with both deep sea and space exploration stuff…

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

AND an epic tube slide from the balcony to the pool!

8207 Two Coves Dr., Austin, TX 78730

Found by: Emerald63

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4 Comments on "Do the crossbows convey?"

  1. This is Richard Garriott’s house, Britannia Manor. Garriott, aka Lord British, is a computer game developer best known for his Ultima series. HGTV & MTV Cribs and other shows did walkthroughs and you can find some of them online still. It even has a wikipedia entry:

  2. …and a suit of armor in the throne room – er- living room,
    …and a dungeonous descent into the wine cellar,
    …and a mini-moatish indoor pool on the way to the outdoor pool.

  3. @stesmo: Cool! Thanks for the info, stesmo, and welcome to Looney Listings! It’s own Wikipedia entry, eh? Sweet. :D

  4. @Frodo: I know! There was so much good stuff to mention that I was hard pressed to choose what to leave in and what to leave out! And did you catch the tapestry featuring Neuschwanstein Castle? Pretty sweet wall art… for the kitchen, eh?

    Man, do I wish I were personal friends with Mr. Garriott. If that’s his everyday digs, I can only imagine the parties he must throw. :O


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