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  1. Perhaps the address on “Larking Drive” is an indication of a birthday practical joke? As in whoever claimed this place is available is just “larking about”?

    Regardless of who submitted this to the agent, they had to have been larking about in at least one regard – appx $300,000 for this place. Even if it were well kept and/or redecorated it in no way merits the price. There’s just nothing of interest, nor does it appear anything of interest could be done with the place, not even make it a warm family abode. The size and close-in nature of lots and lots and lots of other people living in pretty much duplicate housing are reminiscent of the cost and attendant headaches of flying these days. Little of value in return for your money unless you’re really desperate to acquire the bare bones product.

  2. Well, other than fair warning that the seller was a 40-year-old teenager with a pink car (in Britain, I’m sure the neighbors are glad to see him go), I’m afraid that this is the price and nature of desirable entry level property ownership there: a “terraced” (read “row”) house with a bit of garden on the way up from apartment blocks and on the way to a fully detached home on Privet Drive of Harry Potter fame. Maidstone looks to be a workable bedroom town to London, and this is indeed right by the motorway leading thereto…

  3. @anodean: “Entry level”…. (O_o) Rhetorical litany of questions follows…

    So… there’s the aristocracy, which has already entered the upper level. But that’s a by-invitation-only club. So what the heck are the peons trying to enter? How is there a club of this sort? That is, how can anyone EVER afford to join whatever the heck club this represents? Are enough people making over $100K equivalent a year to get a mortgage loan? If not, how do they finance this kind of purchase price?

    And what of those Privet Drive areas? How much do houses there cost? And how are they financed??

    The mind boggles………


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