Behold the $4M Live-In Car Showroom

"Undisclosed Address" Hunts Point, WA 98004

The listing does’t say, but I’m pretty sure all those sweet cars are not included in the $4M list price for this “home.”

"Undisclosed Address" Hunts Point, WA 98004

What’s that thing in the middle, around the shiny red Mercedes?

"Undisclosed Address" Hunts Point, WA 98004

Oh, just a freakin’ car lift. No biggie.

So what about the home’s living space? Living room? Kitchen?

"Undisclosed Address" Hunts Point, WA 98004

Immediately adjacent to the showroom, of course.

And when you’re done gazing at your cars, you can retire to the bedroom…

"Undisclosed Address" Hunts Point, WA 98004

…and watch cars on TV.

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3 Comments on "Behold the $4M Live-In Car Showroom"

  1. Before the truth was revealed, I was going to guess the “thing in the middle” was a baldachino, a “permanent ornamental canopy, as above a freestanding altar or throne.” (Thank you The most famous one stands over the altar of St. Peter’s in Rome. Given some folks worship fancy autos, the concept seemed appropriate. I guess we’ll just have to do with the resemblance, seeing as how it’s actually a car elevator.

    The exterior still speaks of Italianate architecture, though. The forms and materials may seem modern, but their arrangement has historical precedents.

    As for the interior… n-i-i-i-ce. Best of European autos, best of European decor. I’m loving the… ceiling? light fixture? whatever over the living room. The small metal fixtures just below it are curious though. They look like some sort of nozzle. Light fixtures? Air vents? A special “I love the smell of exhaust fumes in the morning” delivery system? Also of interest is the amazing beam set-up above the show-room. I’m not as keen on the bathroom fixtures, though. I have this thing about not wanting to feel like sharp angles are just waiting to cut me while I’m naked in my bathroom. And it’s disappointing the pergolas along either exterior side of the showroom seem entirely un-utilized. What a great place for outdoor dining or relaxing, even if it would mean turning the chairs to face the Awesome Collection rather than the out of doors. Hmm… they don’t even want to stare into their own place, so it’s no wonder they didn’t reveal the address so that others might attempt to do so.

  2. So there’s not much to the house except a lot of parking… and a rear driveway that has no use except maybe to drive by the neighbors on the other side of the road behind the house that actually have access to the water.

    BTW, the house is perhaps 3003 Hunt’s Point Circle if you want to street view it.

  3. @Frodo: Yup, that’s the house alright. Great job finding it! The advantage to the rear entrance is that it is at the very end of a cul-de-sac, ensuring privacy and less chance of unnoticed nefarious people casing the joint, so to speak. I wouldn’t be surprised if the front garage door is never used but is there only as an emergency exit for the vehicles in case of fire. I’d noticed before, but forgot to mention, there is no apparent pedestrian entry, from either side. From inside the showroom one can see double glass doors, the sort you’d see at the front of a convenience store, say, that would be on the left side of the house as seen from the front road. The lack of “front door” also discourages casual passers-by from approaching, though I must say it also tends to diminish the sentient beings who actually live there… along with the cars.


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