All Kinds of Incredible

Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3, UK

This house is incredible.

I’m just not sure that it’s all the good kind of incredible.

Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3, UK

Is that furniture in the home theatre… glowing?

Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3, UK

Classy! That’s exactly what I would want hanging over my living room.

Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3, UK

Okay, that pool is definitely the good kind of incredible. Can’t say I’ve ever seen such a fancy, upscale pool in a private residence before.

All this can be yours for only 77 million dollars!

Found by: MsWildhack

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4 Comments on "All Kinds of Incredible"

  1. I would not have expected the contemporary interior given the (I think) early 20th century exterior. For the most part it works; it certainly is a good job of contemporary anyway. I don’t know about that bathroom, though… Maybe if I were a super model… and really vain… but I repeat myself. Too bad the featured painting doesn’t resemble a super model more. I was thinking it was perhaps a Picasso (an original even, considering the home’s price tag), but then I checked out the full screen images. Nooo… too Morticia Addams for him.

    Other oddities… the similarly cubist kitchen and dining room chandelier, the massive (and did I say massive) brick stairway off the back terrace, and the aforementioned “glowy” cinema furnishings (velveteen, I believe). And what’s with that dining room being one floor and no adjacent staircase removed from the/a kitchen? Or the 2nd floor bedroom with no bathroom access? (Check the “floorplans” link to the right of the listing images.

    I do like the Blue Willow bedroom though, and the “summer house” is to die for. I prefer Ron Howard’s indoor pool, though. But since I don’t have the $77M(!!!) to buy it, I don’t suppose it really matters. Nice to look at though…

  2. @Emerald63: “Morticia Addams” – nailed it. That painting will have to go.

    This place has been kept up-to-date, but the floor plan does reflect its age in the lack of sense, re: dining room being so far removed from the kitchen and bedroom with no accessible bathroom nearby.

    I did wonder at the art of putting pillows in the fireplace in what I think is the library.

  3. Whoa! Time gets away from me once school starts. I like the estate agent crouching behind the camera in that all-mirror bathroom.

  4. @MsWildhack: Rather difficult to hide oneself in a mirrored room, eh? Best of luck with your studies. Stop by when you can; it’s always nice to have more people. :D


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