Convert to Desert Living for this Amazing Custom House

We’re back! Happy 2015! Enjoy this crazy and amazing desert home, via The Verge.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

If I had to choose one word for this home, it would be “exquisite.”

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

I’m not a fan of the desert, but maybe I could become one for this house.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

List price: $3 million.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

So many great details.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

Obviously $3 million goes a lot further in the desert than it does in a big city like San Francisco or New York.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

So, so much further.

undisclosed address, Joshua Tree, CA

There’s even a video tour:

Lots more photos and some backstory can be found at the source story from The Verge.

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4 Comments on "Convert to Desert Living for this Amazing Custom House"

  1. Happy New Year! For a cool $3 million you can own 10 acres 3 beds 3.5 bath. It’s over 4600 sq ft, I didn’t think it looked that big

  2. WOOT!!! Marty’s Back!!! Happy New Year, Marty!!!

    Ahem, moving along… momentarily… give me a second to get my eyeballs back in their sockets… There! Okay, then… Stunning. Yup, that’s the word – stunning.

    Read the article, looked at all the pics, watched the video. The structure is a success on many levels. The article, though, puts every last bit of focus on the architect. Nary a mention, let alone plaudits, for the structural engineer(s) or the obviously talented concrete techs. Those weren’t just big, sweaty guys doing plumber impersonations and wolf whistling at female passers-by. Nope… those are bona fide artists, whose experience and skill is every bit as necessary to the final result as the venerated architect. While Ken Kellogg may have experience in the field of concrete, I doubt he could have held his own on the concrete team. (If I’m wrong about that, I’ll gladly apologize.) There’s no reason to not equally applaud the building crew because 99.999% of the time building is a team effort.

    And those efforts are impressive. Several interior oxidized steel elements, especially the large scale helix in the dining room, add to the sculptural feel of the structure. The video rightly highlights this feeling by including time lapse images of sunbeams playing across the spaces, as well as images and audio of running water features. (Just the sound of running water produces a sense of cooling in arid settings.) A number of what appear to be modern bronze sculptures also put me in mind of cooling; being inside, they remain cool to the touch.

    As if all this weren’t enough, the former Lady of the House is Bev Doolittle, a well-known and commercially successful artist. You can see her work at these sites:

    Awesome – and relatively affordable – way to start the new year, Marty!

  3. Those are some great photos of the exterior of the house. They have all this great dramatic lighting. My only problem is that where it’s situated, no one will see it. You can get a few glimpses of the side of the house from street view, but you can’t see the thing unless you hike for several miles to the hills in front of it in the park.

    The other thing is I can’t tell if that path up to the house is designed for vehicles or simply a foot path. Good luck with the groceries. And are those stairs the only way to get in? Definitely not wheelchair friendly.

    Otherwise, it looks like a very aesthetically pleasing interior.

  4. Michael Cavalier | January 17, 2015 at 10:28 AM |

    I could only live there if all my friends lived there with me. Otherwise, it would be too far from everything. Great 2nd home for someone, but I can’t imagine being out in Joshua Tree alone.


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