Lions and More Lions and… More Lions (Oh My)

13595 Rhone Cir., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

The sellers of this $3.5 million South Florida pad are really proud of their lion fountains.

13595 Rhone Cir., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

I mean really proud.

13595 Rhone Cir., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Just look at them.

13595 Rhone Cir., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Gaze upon their majesty.

13595 Rhone Cir., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Also, if you visit this home, prepare to be ambushed by herons as soon as you walk through the door. Just because.

Found by: Christin C.

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4 Comments on "Lions and More Lions and… More Lions (Oh My)"

  1. How many freakin’ doors can you put in a place?

    “Well, let’s go out for supper.”

    “But it’s noon.”

    “We still have to lock up.”

    And what’s up with the cramped horseshoe kitchen? They didn’t have enough room in this joint to spread out a little bit?

  2. This reminds me of some knowledgeable person (Marty, perhaps) pointing out that these very large properties might be better understood as private hotels for people who travel with an entourage.

    This one certainly gives me that sense; it almost seemed as though there was a spot for a concierge in the “lobby” off the reception hall to sort people out into their guest rooms and ask where they wanted to be served breakfast…

  3. You know your place needs some work when… the development’s clubhouse lobby and office (Pic 56 & 57) look homier/cozier/more inviting than your own living room and home office. And what’s with the maze-like kitchen? Looks mighty iffy on getting that hot casserole out of the oven safely (Pic 14). Oh, right… that’s the help’s problem. Most strange of all, though, is the comfy looking upholstered armchair… in the back corner of the Grand Inquisitor’s Library! Geeze, there’s even a spotlight just above it. I suppose they have to have someplace to… talk… to the help who dropped the casserole.

    Great yard and pool, although it’s a shame it’s so cheek to jowl with the neighbors. What’s the point of having beau-coups bucks and ritzy digs if your practically tripping over the folks next door?

    PS – Nice to be back after a long trip and an almost-as-long recovery. :D

  4. @Emerald63: Yeah, that erstwhile comfy chair is in Pic 26…


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