Might Need a Bigger Fence

1655 Falls Creek Dr., Graford, TX 76449

Odd choice… Normally listing agents don’t highlight the shortcomings of a property in the listing photos, but they are clearly showing us here that the property requires a significantly taller fence.

Of course, what the deer in this photo doesn’t know…

1655 Falls Creek Dr., Graford, TX 76449

…is that the other side of the fence is a sheer cliff drop-off into water. Joke’s on you, deer.

Found by: Christin C.

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7 Comments on "Might Need a Bigger Fence"

  1. If only I were rich…and if only this house wasn’t in TX….

  2. @K: Well said.

    Personally, I enjoyed the careful photography that suggests this rural castle somehow stands in solitary splendor behind the elegantly appointed gate of this gated community – even to solitary enjoyment of the central clubhouse amenities and the entire fleet of of boats at the marina…

  3. @anodean: Weeell…. it has a kind of solitariness…. This is in a town of only 900. My mom’s hometown is now a town of only 800 and let me tell you, it doesn’t matter where you go when you’re there – you feel solitary. To be fair, though, the listing says this is 75 miles from Fort Worth, which by Texan reckoning is just next door.

    Nice looking place, just the usual beige, beige, beige which makes me think the photos are of a prototype show house. No info on when it was built (or being built). Toss a whole lotta color in there and I’d be OK there… except for the inky dinky town with few to know decent emergency medical facilities. Oh well, it just goes to show… it’s always something.

  4. @Emerald63: Yeah… that’s “few to no.” Trying to rush through my entry since our internet’s been coming and going for several days now, dammit.

  5. I think it is lovely, but Emerald is probably right. Likely too good to be true. I love how Zillow has a range from 200k to 800k. They just don’t know.

    It is a little too beige, but that’s easily fixed. I rather like the kitchen layout and backsplash. If the listing is what it shows, this place would go for twice as much or more in some parts of Seattle.

  6. I guess that sheer cliff drop-off means that the buck stops here. Oh, deer, I’m sorry. How much doe would I have to pay to make up for the awful puns? Or could I get away with just fawning over you?

  7. @JMixx: Seeing as how the house has been “tanned” to death, maybe you could just hide in there, lest our buck shot graze you.


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