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  1. Emerald63 | June 17, 2013 at 1:40 PM |

    Hmm… looks like camouflaging a room like an animal might be more effective than letting nature camouflage the animal to (sort of) look like its surroundings. Just imagine if the wallpaper and linens mimicked leopard or tiger skin… Before you could even see the beast, it’d go from zero to smack down in 1.2 seconds.

    About this specific camo, compared to most of the rooms in this house the camo rooms are rather narrow. Matching linens to wallpaper helps make the space seem larger, similar to using just one color in a room. What’s striking is they’ve also done the opposite; visually reduce the size of large rooms. Best example is Pic 27, with the free-standing bed/closet/dresser unit.

    Overall, this place is *very* nice. Beautiful construction and details, exquisite taste decor-wise, and those views!!! It’s kind of hard to believe this house pre-dates the Golden Gate Bridge by 30 years, as the view is bang on perfect.

    Speaking of age, I do hope they’ve had experts check the brick and mortar under all that ivy. That much can damage a masonry structure. As can another major earthquake… Note the 1907 construction date, one year *after* the great San Francisco earthquake. This place seems to have stood up to subsequent quakes, but that’s no guarantee it always will. Just something San Franciscans have to consider, I suppose.

  2. Denita TwoDragons | June 17, 2013 at 3:19 PM |

    I’d say paint the walls a neutral solid color but leave the furniture alone. It’s overboard with the furniture matching the walls, but on their own they’d be nice. The dining room is actually quite pretty; vaguely reminds me of my Grandma Jane’s old formal dining room. Which gets me to reminiscing…and…yeah, I’m gonna go dab my eyes now…

  3. I had never thought of matching furniture and wallpaper prints in order to make the contents recede and the room look larger. It does, now that you say it – you just have to live with a visually bigger room full of that print.

    In this case, second prize would be a visually smaller room full of those prints.

    I suspect I’d just go nuts trying to make all the scroll-stripes line up anyway.

  4. @anodean: Ooops – meant to say, second prize would be an actually larger room full of those prints. Heh.

  5. “And I ordered my bedspreads and slipcovers in ‘Chameleon’!”


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