My Home is an Ice Cream Tricycle

12 Meadow Ave., Westerly, RI 02891

Just a random ice cream tricycle in a listing of a home for sale.

12 Meadow Ave., Westerly, RI 02891

Parked in front of my ice cream shop, apparently?

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3 Comments on "My Home is an Ice Cream Tricycle"

  1. Outside of the numerous times I would fall on my ass while trying to get down those stairs, I wouldn’t want that woman staring at me while I ate!

  2. I’m guessing that in this neighborhood of “two private beaches, tennis, yacht club & more” the above would be the children’s combination playhouse and lemonade stand. You know, as preparation for life – a fine coat of entrepreneurial varnish over the inherited fortune portion of their bio that will stand them well in the future. :D

  3. Weekapaug!” Apparently the listing writer is a Weekapaug Inlet enthusiast. I dunno… sounds like some sort of small mutant dog to me.

    But the house is great. Yup, it’s in a ritzy area. But at least it’s not pretentiously done. In fact, it’s a nice looking place, inside and out. And other than the kitchen, I would not have guessed it was built as late as 1999 if I hadn’t seen that in print. After I did, I looked back at the pics and couldn’t really see any tell tale signs of such a late heritage, other than said kitchen. And since those can easily be added decades – or centuries – after the fact, I was impressed with the historic-friendly feel of the place.

    The best feature IMO is the hardwood flooring. Anyone know what they use for flooring up that way? I would have said yellow pine, given the width of the planks, but I’m pretty sure that’s more a southern thing.

    At any rate, it’s a great look. Even so, I could spot them an area rug or two, given the northern-ish clime. But sadly this is yet another example of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” decorating, with simply way too many Oriental carpets that are way too busily patterned. They ruin the simplicity of New England design in the rooms where they predominate. Luckily there’s a solution – roll them up and take them away. Problem solved.


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