¡ƃuoԀ ƃuᴉԀ ʎɐlԀ s,ʇǝ˥

1122 Carey NW Ct,, Oronoco MN 55960

Who’s “up” for some ping pong? No? Not to worry, you can get serious work done in this home, too.

1122 Carey NW Ct,, Oronoco MN 55960

As long as you can work with all the blood rushing to your head, that is.

Found by: Colleen

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8 Comments on "¡ƃuoԀ ƃuᴉԀ ʎɐlԀ s,ʇǝ˥"

  1. “G’nip g’nop.” It’s called “G’nip g’nop,” but it would really be more fun just to dance on the light squares – especially once all the draillib balls get loose.

  2. I’m sure they looked fine on the realtor’s old cell phone.

    Or, could we be looking at the set of Upside Down. This house could make us all look younger.

  3. I’m just glad the bathtub isn’t upside down. That would definitely make it tricky to have a nice soak. (O_o)

    Anodean, I love your alternate name for the game. I was going to go with pong ping, but yours is waaay better.

    Decent average looking place. Nothing super special but not a dump either. Any lacklusterness in the architecture could be made up for to a pretty good degree with some creative decorating.

    Never thought about it before but, given what I’ve heard about the size of mosquitoes in Minnesota (they’re actually the state bird), I’m now wondering just what the heck a Minnesota bug zapper looks like…….

  4. Former home of Batman, his wife, and the two and one-half bat-kids? Who else would want to live entirely upside-down?

    And, Em, I’m convinced that MN mosquitos are the inspiration for electrified tennis rackets. Which are made. And sold. And may ABSOLUTELY NOT be used on one’s younger brother.

  5. @JMixx: I confess, I was thinking more along the lines of an anti-aircraft gun emplacement.

  6. @anodean: I guess the really *big* skeeters didn’t get as far north as Coon Rapids.

  7. @JMixx: Come now, J, one doesn’t have to need an anti-aircraft gun emplacement to want and anti-aircraft gun emplacement. I mean, there are hobbyists in pretty much every field you can imagine. :D

  8. I can’t decide if this was intentional or not….


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